Mae Pa, Tak, Thailand

At the heart of a municipal waste centre, home to 400 Burmese migrants, lies an island of green and a site where space, power and identity collide. For two years, Estudio Cavernas has trained members of this community, utilizing a holistic approach to capacity development in which workers are trained in sustainable construction techniques sourcing local materials for the development of their own communities.


Located at the core of the settlement, the ‘Green Island’ provides..



Estudio Cavernas is a social architecture non-profit organization committed to achieving sustainable construction in marginalized communities through the development of environmental and well-adapted architecture. Our goal is to ensure a process and outcome that reflects and supports the local culture, way of living and environment.


Product Design

Apart from architecture, the organization is carrying out technical training programs for young migrants through Product Design and other interventions. The way in which we carry out these programs gives the trainees a chance to see many different aspects of the construction and design process by getting real, hands-on experience in specific areas such as masonry, wood and metal work.